The recommendation menu
Buckwheat porridge 1,000(JPY) 
Cafe 400~1,000(JPY)

In front of Yoshida's house in the town of Udatsu street.
Local cuisine buckwheat porridge of Tokushima can eaten.There are also local tea , soba rice crackers and Yusan Box.
please relax in a building over 100 years old. 

132-5 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City 


The recommendaion menu
Lunch using local chicken 「Awaodori」in Tokushima prefecture.
Steamed rice, Curry, Chichen Nanban
All 1,200円(JPY) lunch time AM11:00 - PM2:00

We sell special products of Tokushima and Mima city.
It is the building which renoveted the storehouse of Mima city designated cultural property Yoshida's house,and can take a break while looking at Yoshida's house.

55 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima city

Udatsu Sabou

The recommendaion menu
Chichen lunch 1,000(JPY)
Fish lunch 1,000(JPY)
lunch time  ~PM2:00

You can choose from two type of natural fish and local chichen lunch.
There are also handmade sweets and local tea.

45-1 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima city