Seasonal Flower


Toropical orchids from around the world bloom all year round at Anmitsukan. The cymbidum showroom and direct – sales area is for general visitors. Anmitsukan is proud of its excellent cymbidums, and everyone is invited to see them. They are in bloom from the end of November to March. During the cymbidum off-season (May to October) the Phalaenopsis Aphrodite, Cooktown orchids, and other varieties are in bloom, so you can enjoy visiting throughout the year.

551-2 Oaza Kitasho,Wakimachi,Mima City

Moss Phlox at Hirotana

The Hana No sato Shibazakura Festival takes place in the Hirotana area of Wakimachi in mid-April. The mountain scenery is colored by red, white and pink flowers like a carpet.

120-5 Nishimatamyo,Wakimachi,Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Moss Phox at Irikura

It will begin to bloom from the beginning of April. Udon soba sale and folk live are held every Sunday. The best season is from the beginning of April to the end of April. The slope is dyed with red and white flowers.

74 Irikura,Mimacho,Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(MIma Traditional Crafts Center)

Cherry Blossoms at Yaoyorozuno Kaminogoten

Some 8,000 cherry blossoms trees, including Yoshino cherry trees, can be seen in full bloom at the precincts of Yaoyorozuno kaminogoten, which is situated at an altitude of 400m. The beauty of the mountains dyed a pale pink color is very appealing to people, and numerous visitors come each year to see them.

1701-2 Higashiakatani, Wakmachi, Mima City

Weeping Cherry Blossoms at Kawai Pass

More than 20 weeping cherry blossom trees can be found along the road leading to Kawai Tunnel and on the mountain slopes near Kawai pass. The flowers that bloom at this mountain pass with an altitude of 700m shine amidst the greenery of the mountain, and the soft, pale pink blossoms are so inviting. These trees bloom about one week later than those on level ground.

Okita,koyadaira,Mima City
TEL:0883-68-2112(Koyadaira Branch office)

Tulips at De Rijke Park

A festival is held at de Rijke Park along the Otani River in mid-April. 15,000 colorful tulips are in bloom, and the festivities include outdoor kiosks and other events.

1391-2 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Teramachi Hanashobuen

The Japanese lris Festival takes place at Teramachi Park in early Jun.  3,000 Japanese iris plants bloom and various events are held. 

11  Miyanisi, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Syakunage at Otakisan Nishiteru Shrine

Many pink and red rhododendrons and azaleas are planted in the grounds of Nishiteru Shrine.

672 Nishiotani, Wakimati, Mima City 

Bush Clover at Saimyo Temple

Saimyou temple, which was founded in the Kamakura period(12th – 14th centuries) is also known as Hagi Temple, and the bush clover (hagi) blossoms are in full bloom around the beginning of September each year. Some 200 bush clover plants near the main hall product small red and white flowers that enliven the temple precincts. The temple also has a wooden statue of national important cultural property.

1308 Kitasho, Wakimachi, Mima City 

Weeping Cherry Blossomes at Mitsugi Park 

A park near a country-designated important cultural property Miki Family house.
The best time to see in early to mid April.

397-5 Mitsugi, Koyadaira, Mima City
  TEL:0883-68-2112(Koyadaira Branch office)