Honraku Temple

There is a stone garden in the background of the only river in Japan. It was chosen as the Shikoku 88 view. The garden on the background of the Yoshino River and Asan Mountains feels beauty.
In addition, there is a main hall of "Kakedmaking" that is representative of Kiyomizu Temple. There are waterfalls and tea rooms as well.

123 Oshima, Mishima, Anabukicho, Mima City

Nishiteru Shrine
Otanki Temple

Nishiteru-jinja Shrine is located near the summit, and bit below that is Otaki-ji Temple(Shikoku Bekkaku 26 / Fudasho No.20).It is said to have enshrined a god who wards off evil since ancient times. 

672 Nishiotani, Wakimati, Mima City
TEL: 0883-52-4928(Nishiteru Shrine)

Shinmei Shrine
Shirahito Shrine

Shinmei Shrine is a unique form of shrine surrounded by stone walls. It is on the hill of 130 steps of stairs. There is also a legend that it was the final point of the Silk Road because it was built like a Jewish temple. The Israeli ambassador to Japan also visited twice.
Shirahito shrine is a shrine where the faith of the Inada family, who was Awa(Tokushima), the Wakimachi castle owner, was deep.

Hidarite, Kuchiyama, Aabuki, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Miki Family Residence
This house was built in the earrly Edo period and designed with a strucure reminiscent of the austerity and fortitude of mountain samurai.It is a national important cultural property. It is distinctive for having numerous windows and doorways and few walls.

143 Mitsugi, koyadaira, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-8011 (Mima city Hall)

Wakimachi Sensuikyo Bridge
A five - minute walk from Udatsu Historical District leads to Sensuikyo Bridge, which connects to Mainaka Island on the far shore. This is a popular spot for taking sunset photos.

Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Kanjo Falls

It is a waterfall of 33m on the kanjo River, which is a branch of the Anabuki River. The water runs down like a string and it makes a cool water sound.

Hidarite, Kuchiyama, Anabukichou, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima traditional Crafts Center)

Izanami Shine

One of the shrines named Izanami, which has only three shrines in Japan(Mima city Mimacho, Mima city anabukicho, Yoshinogawa city)

589 Nakatori, Mimachou, Mima City
Former Nagaoka Family Residence

This farmhouse, built in 1735 halfway up Mt.Otaki, features a thatched roof and a yokofutama (one dirt-floor room + two tatami rooms) layout. this is said to be typical architecture for a farmhouse of the middle Edo period, and it has been designated a national important cultural property.

34 Nishiueno, Oaza, Inoshiri, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-8011(Mima city Hall)
Aoki Family Residence

This Taisho - era (1912 - 19260) residence was built in 1915 by the Aoki family, a faming family that proapered in indgo production and successfuly managed construction business in more recent times. The premies are 3,590m2 in size and are surrounded by a plasted two - meter - tall fence.It is a national important cultural property.

225 Miyamae, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-8011(City of Mima)