Aburaya Mimakan

It is located on the hill where you can overlook the Anabuki River and the yoshino River,and the city of Mima.The large public bath is also provided and offers seasonal dishes cooked by the cook.
Great panoramic night views from the open lounge.

100-6 Ichinoshita, Anakuki, Anabukicho, Mima City

Blu Villa Anabuki

A terrace where you relax in front of japan's No.1 clear stream 「Anabuki River」 ,an outdoor bath where you can enjoy the beautiful skin hot water,and a multi-course dinner that tastes a seasonal taste.You can relax in the slow flow time while feeling the grace of the river.

1 Maruyama, Kuchiyama, Anabukicho, Mima City

Shikoku Saburo No Sato

Aute campsite overlooking Yoshino River where you can spend slowly in nature.
There are 10 cottages and about 360 people can stay.You can also rent equipment for outdoor activities such as tents and mountain bikes.

39-10 Sakaime, Mimacho, Mima City

Business Hotel Matsuka

In the hall where many natural materials are used,it is stylish,and space where you can relax.
The lobby with wood-burning stove is cozy for the guests, and you can choose between Japansese and weastern breakfast.it is recommended for guests staying overnight as it is a daily menu.
As it is hotel of reasonable and casual atmosphere, it is available casually.

153-1 Takejinjashimominami, Oaza Inoshiri, Wakimachi, Mima City

Business Hotel Inadaen

Ideal for business and tourism based in Tokushima, Takamatsu, Kochi.The bright and clean rooms and genuine hospitality will make youre stay a pleasant one.

1001-1 Haibara, wakimachi, Mima City 

Waki Plaza Hotel

The hotel is convenient for business trips, sightseeing and long-term stays.

2020-3 Haibara, Wakimachi, Mima City

Udatsu No Engawa Zeniya

A rustic one-house hotel with only 3 rooms, renoveted from a 100-year-old traditional house.You can spend a reraxing time the warmth of a tree that uses the Tokushima cedar, old-fashioned beams and columns. 

170 Oaza Wakimachi, Wakimachi, Mima City


You can enjoy the superb view at Mimaragaoka 500m above sea level and enjoy the joy of harvest at the experience fram.Do you not enjoy conuntry life while making soba and udon?

18 Higashiotani, Wakimati, Mima City

Yamanto No Sato

Accommodation created by refurbishing a closed school.
People who live in the Asan Mountains are called Yamanto, and they live every day using nature. Why don't you spend the same time as "Yamato" such as farming and forestry experience, pizza burning experience in a place where nature is abundant.

26-3 sarugauchi, Mimacho, Mima City

Ichinomori Hutte

It is located 1.5km east from Mt.Tsurugi summit.
The scenery from here is wonderful. The view of nature, sunrise and Mt.Tsurugi is the best.

571 KawakamiKake, Koyadaira, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-5911(when open)

Tsurugisan Choujo Hutte

You can take a bath at an altitude of 1.930m.
You can see the sea of clouds, starry sky, Seto Inland Sea etc.

570 Kawakamikake, Koyadaira, Mima City
TEL:088-622-0633(Apr 28 - Nov 23)

Nakoyama Kougen Heiseiso

It is a plateau of elevation 1,000m in the northeast of Mt.Tsurugi. You can overlook the beautiful mountain range.
Outdoor facilities are equipped, and in a comfortable location, you can enjoy nature from outdoor sports, camping, etc. from adults to children.

445-1 Taigokake, Koyadaira, Mima City

Turuginoyu Ozakura

It was created as a place of interaction between local residents and people who visited here, in the mountains surrounded by nature.
It is near from National highway No. 438, 492 going to Tsurugi mountain climbing mouth, and it is approximately 50 minutes by car to Mt. Please use it for climbing return and the previous night. We will provide you a relaxing time at a rustic facility that takes advantage of the wood texture.

270 Kawai, Koyadaira, Mima City