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This spice was created in Mima and is highly acclaimed by aficionados of spice food.; like its name suggests (kara means spicy hot in Japanese), it adds a sharp spicy flavor to udon, soba, nade, and other dishes. It is made by boiling down green chilies.

24-1 Nishiarakawa, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-63-4933(Mima Koryukan)
Japanese Umbrellas

The bamboo that will form the frame of the umbrella is assembled. The washi paper is dyed and then oiled, and decoration is added for the finishing touches. Traditional skill is on display here and the umbrellas have a distinct charm to them.

92 Wakimachi, Oaza, wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditional Crafts Center)

Japanese Umbrella Lampsshades

Japanese umbrella artisans make each and every lampshade by hand using bamboo, lathes, and washi paper.

92 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8599(Mima Traditionl  Crafts Center)
Indigo - dyed Products

The indigo trade flourished in Mima from the Edo through the Meiji periods (17th eo early 20thcentury). Awa indigo, which gets darker in color the more it is washed, has insect - repelling and antibacterial effects.

45-1 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:090-3188-3711(Mima traditional crafts Center)
Budo Manju Buns

This local Awa specialty produced for over 100 years, both looks and tastes like grapes, and is connected to the martial arts and religion of Mt.Tsurugi.

24-7 Iwade, Anabuki, Anabukicho, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-1061(Hinode Honten)
Mugi(wheat) Dango

NO.1 popular item of Kawata Koeido. It is a confectionery that has long been in this town. There are two types: Anko Without and Anko Included.

108-2 Wakamiyaminami, Inoshiri, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-7878(Kawata Koeido)

The cymbidium is a type of tropical orchid. Most cymbidiums, which are cultivated around the world, are of a variety first developed in Mima. They are now being developed for a variety of purposes other than viewing, and some 40 cymbidium products are now sold that include hair tonic, wine, and tea.

551-2 Kitasho, Wakimachi, Mima City
Bamboo Dolls

Awa - odori (Awa dance) bamboo dolls made with remarkable finesses, look so lively they seem to be dancing even now.

124 Wakimati, Oaza, Wakimati, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-1015(Take Kobo Furusato Jidaiya)

Kiku Imo
Jerusalem artichokes produced in Mima are processed to create this product. it is a natural food with a hint of sweetness that contains no additives.
 Tenjin, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-63-5120(Ene Business Mima)

Wakimachi barbecue Sauce

It is a sauce of the grilled meat which was made carefully from raw materials of pesticide free vegetables. An addicting taste of garlic, apples and honey made by a local life improvement group. Many people come for bulk buying.

55 Wakimachi, Oaza Wakimachi Mima City
Anabukigawa(Local Sake)

Tsukasagiku, a sake brewing company in Mima, produces and sells its own sake brands, which are favored for their homemade mellow body and fragrance. 

93 Myoken, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-63-6061(Tsukasagiku Suzo)

Bamboo Whistle

Local bamboo whistle craftsman Manabe produces one by one by hand. It is an essential bamboo whistle in the famous Awa dance of Tokushima.

151-2 Inoshiri Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-1383(Takebue Kobo)
Kogen Eggs

These eggas, produced by 300chickens raised in a relaxing, spacious yuzu citron orchard and fed spring water and 10 types of hight - quality feed, have a pale lemon - yellow yolk and rich flavor.

Hachiman, Koyadaira, Mima City
TEL:0883-68-2111(Koyadaira Branch Office)
Jiijii's Mushrooms

there are jumbo shitake mushrooms with thick flesh and a rich flavor, cultivated with the philosophy that mushrooms should be raised in as natural an evironment as possible.Cultivation is carried out using the waters of the crystal Anabuki River.

 1202-1 Mitani, Mishima, Anabuki, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-8539(Jiiji no kinoko)
Blueberries are kown as a healthy food that improves eye function. The Mima Blueberry Research Association is working to create new specialty products.
175-1 Shidewara, Kuchiyama, Anabuki, Mima City
TEL:0883-53-6494 (Shidewara Blueberry Kankonoen)
Hassaku Oranges

Hassaku oranges are harvested by the end of December as the frost increases in severity, and then they are stored. The fullty ripened oranges are shipped from February onward. They distinctively sour flavor is a nostalgic taste.

184 Shidewara, Kuchiyama, Anabuki, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-5609(City of Mima)

Yuzu Citrons

As the mountains of the Mt.Tsurugi range start preparing for winter , it is the season when the yuzu turn yellow and are ready to be picked. They are processed to make food such as organic yuzu ponzu and yuzu tukune.

138 Morito, Koyadaira, Mima City

Grape varieties including Pione, Delaware, Bailey A, and Kyoho are grown in Mima, and they are harvested in turn from mid-July to mid-August.

17-72 Soemyo, Wakimachi, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-5609(City of Mima)

Ene Mima Business Group

An activity group introducing special products and processed products in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture.

Omakase vegetable set from Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture  2,000 – (JPY)
Mimakara Set  3,500(JPY)
Shitake Mushroom powder  450(JPY)

120-1 Tenjin, Mimacho, Mima City


Popular dango and mochi are often sold out in the morning.

Dango  400(JPY)
Sekihan,Mochi  Reservation

31-1 Ichinoshita, Anabuki, Anabukichou, Mima City

Japan Agriculture Mima

Yuzu ponzu is also popular among locals and people from outside the prefecture

Yuzu Ponzu  432(JPY)
Rice 1kg  3,400(JPY)
Yuuzu  2,592(JPY)

1220 Wakimachi, Mima City 

Masaki Sake Shop

A relaxing space where you can enjoy a drink Sake in Udatsu Historycal District.

Local Sake 850(JPY)~

153-2 Wakimachi, Oaza, Wakimachi, Mima City