Anabuki River 

Anabuki River

The Anabuki River, a class A river, has its source on Mt. Tsurugi and flows through the mountains for about 41km before merging with the Yoshino River in midstream. This clear river is known for having the best water quality in Shikoku, and it characterized by its clear water and riverbeds of various sizes. Visitors can enjoy the bountiful natural resources of its river basin.

TEL:0883-52-5610 (City of Mima)

Anabuki Sensuikyo Bridge

A bridge that gets into the river when the river's water increases. It is a scenery unique to Shikoku that connects people's lives. Your heart will be healed whenever you visit.

65-1 Miyauchi, Kuchiyama, Anabuki, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-5610(City of Mima)

Tsurugikyo Gorge (Fall Leaves)
In the fall foliage season, the vivid contrast between the emerald blue river surface and the fall foliage colors the valley.
Hidaritr, Kuchiyama, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-5610(City of Mima)
Riverside house of Side
Cool down the summer with a Hasaku orange sorbet.

Shidewara Blueberry Garden
At the blueberry garden behind the Riverside House of Shide one can enjoy picking blueberries on Saturday, Sunday and national holihays from mid - June to mid - August.

Shidewara, Anabukicho, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-5610(City of Mima)