Teramachi in Mima

Teramachi(temple) in Mima

There's a part of Mima called Teramachi.Historical sites apanning more than a thousand years can be found here, including the prefecture's largest horizontal stone burial chamber, which was constructed in the Kofun period(3rd-6th centuries), the site of the prefecture's oldest temple, which dates to the early Nara period (8th - century), and a historic temple that was opened some time during the Heian period (8th - 12th centuries).

Anraku Temple
The palatial, vermillion - painted two - story gate, known as Akamon, is one of the top five gates in the prefecture. The temple is famous for being the only one in the prefecture with a Noh theater stage. with the growth of this temple influences in ancient times, branch temples were established in every region, including Awa and Sanuki, and this temple flouished as the oldest and most influential temple of the Jodoshishu sect in Shikoku. A Teramachi tour guide will give you a tour of the history of Anraku Temple and its Noh stage if you make an appointment.  

11 Miyanishi, Mimacho, Mima City

Gansho Temple
The japanese rock garden behind the main hall,l which was built in the Nanbokuco period (14th century), is the oldest one in Shikoku and has been designated a place of scenic beauty by Tokushima Prefecture.

8 Ganshoji, Mimacho, Mima City

Saikyo Temple
The temple treasure consists of valuable artifacts from suppoters of the Meiji Restoration that have been passed down,  including a statue of Shinran Shonin. The Hizuru pine, which is over 200 year old, is worth seeing.
13 Miyanishi, Mimacho, Mima City
Rinsho Temple
This temple, which was founded at the end of the Muromachi period (16th century), has large gingko trees beside the large Momoyama-style gate that turn gold in late fall.
17 Miyanishi, Mimacho, Mima City
Jonen Temple
A temple of the jodoshinshu sect. A Japanese garden 1,488 square meters in size called the Garden of Rest is located near the temple gate, and the entire temple complex exerts a profound influence on visitors.
63 Souju, Mimacho, Mima City
Kozato Temple Ruins
This abandoned temple, built during the Hakuho period (7th century), dates to the earliest history of the prefecture. Remains of the tower and main hall have been confirmend, and the arrangement suggests a Hokkiji - style temple layout. It is a national designated historical site.

4-60 Ginnannoki, Mimacho Mima City
TEL:0883-52-8011(City of Mima)

Dan No Tsuka Ana

This site consists of two kofuns, or keyhole - shaped burial mounds, called Taikozuka Kofun and Tanazuka kofun. It was built in the late Kofun period (3th - 6th centuries), and it has one of the largest horizontal stone burial chambers in Shikoku. It is a national designated historical site. 

373 Zou, Mimacho, Mima City
TEL:0883-52-8011(City of Mima)

Temple Tour Guide

A local volanteer can give you a tour of four temples, including Gansho Temple and Anraku Temple, accordind to your schedule and preferences. An appointment is required.

Fee : 2,000(JPY)

20-1 Teranoshita, Mimacho, Mima City